Common Sense Self defense


Teaching People Their Mind Is Their Most Powerful Weapon

Empowerment is one of the best skills a person can possess. With rising crime, people need to increase their self awareness and develop self defense techniques in order to avoid being victimized.

Crime Can Happen to Anyone, Anywhere, at Anytime



  1. I got to know Ms. Renee when my 5-year-old son took Kung Fu lessons from her. I was not able to associate her with martial arts instruction because she was soft-spoken and polite. At the time, my then 85-year-old father was watching them on the sideline and came back home wanting to join the class. Concerned that my father may not have the energy required for martial art trainings, I asked him why. He commented that Ms. Renee’s techniques and forms are the best he has seen. Knowing that my dad had taken some Kung Fu lessons in China when he was young and knowing that he had watched numerous Kung Fu performances in his lifetime, I realized how GOOD Ms. Renee is. With a nod from Ms. Renee, my dad restarted his Kung Fu lessons at age 85 and enjoyed every minute of it.

    When I was involved in planning for the 2011 Lunar New Year Celebration for Elon University, I immediately thought of Renee. Was I glad that she came! I will never forget the images of Ms. Renee on stage that day - the combination of inner strength and outer beauty Ms. Renee demonstrated through Chinese Kung Fu – so simple in its art form and yet so profoundly spiritual. That day on the stage, she elevated the 5000 years of Chinese culture to a different level! In fact, Ms. Renee does not teach Kung Fu only. She cultivates the whole person. My son often shows me how things he learned in Ms. Renee’s class helps him focus on what is most important in life. I highly recommend Ms. Renee to all.

    Catherine Chiang – mother, daughter, wife, and college professor

    (Posted on 2011-02-23 08:25:00 by Catherine Chiang)
  2. Thanks Renee for speaking at our Widow's Club meeting. The demonstrations on self defense was very helpful to our senior group. You showed us how to be aware of the surroundings and how to defend ourselves if being attack. Using these techniques could save us from robbery or bodily harm. I'm sure you feel this is a rewarding challenge.
    Sue Hill
    Widow Persons Organization

    (Posted on 2009-05-22 12:06:00 by Sue Hill)


My name is Renee T. Warren, a North Carolina native, and I have been asked by many to once again start educating people about personal safety as a result of rising crime.

Years ago, I made a conscious decision to stop teaching courses and seminars about self awareness and self defense. There were two reasons that led me to this decision:

  • People were too busy to take the time to learn something useful that might save their life and protect their property
  • I wanted to focus on teaching traditional martial arts to children so they would hopefully grow up to become respectable and responsible adults in our society
    • Although I much prefer teaching young children, I cannot ignore all the requests from people to once again teach adults the importance of increasing their self awareness, and if necessary, how to defend themselves.

      Please contact me for more information about Common Sense Self Defense seminars and public speaking engagements. I am also available to teach ages 6 yrs and older what traditional kung fu is all about, as well as traditional values. I also offer a fun and educational class tailored for preschoolers.

      Thanks for your interest!....Renee

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