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Safety and awareness

Published: Fri, Jun. 18, 2004 06:55AM
Modified Sun, Oct. 23, 2005 08:08PM

The writer of a June 15 People's Forum letter ("Means of defense") regarding the tragic murders of a student in Wilmington has everything right -- except the part about taking up arms to defend oneself.

I am a responsible gun owner, but that is not the method of self-protection that I employ to keep myself safe. Self-preservation starts with increasing self-awareness.

The woman who was killed, and another who was murdered in Wilmington recently, knew their attackers. I teach self-awareness and self-defense seminars, often for free to the general public. What amazes me is how few people take advantage of such information on public safety. Unfortunately it takes a tragedy close to home to wake people up to fact that "it could happen to me, you, anyone."

Choosing to arm oneself with a firearm is a huge responsibility, one that only a few people are capable of. The majority of women who are now concerned for their safety should take a self-awareness and self-defense course. Your mind is your most valuable weapon. Making smart choices is the first tool in your arsenal.

Renee T. Warren

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