Common Sense Self defense



My name is Renee T. Warren, a North Carolina native, and I have been asked by many to once again start educating people about personal safety as a result of rising crime.


Years ago, I made a conscious decision to stop teaching courses and seminars about self awareness and self defense. There were two reasons that led me to this decision:

  • People were too busy to take the time to learn something useful that might save their life and protect their property

  • I wanted to focus on teaching traditional martial arts to children so they would hopefully grow up to become respectable and responsible adults in our society


Although I much prefer teaching young children, I cannot ignore all the requests from people to once again teach adults the importance of increasing their self awareness, and if necessary, how to defend themselves.


Please contact me for more information about Common Sense Self Defense seminars and public speaking engagements. I am also available to teach ages 6 yrs and older what traditional kung fu is all about, as well as traditional values. I also offer a fun and educational class tailored for preschoolers.



Thanks for your interest!....Renee




Crime Can Happen to Anyone, Anywhere, at Anytime


Teaching People Their Mind Is Their Most Powerful Weapon

Empowerment is one of the best skills a person can possess. With rising crime, people need to increase their self awareness and develop self defense techniques in order to avoid being victimized.